At the Beginning were two Brothers.

One was made of light,
Blessed with the warmth of day,
  Always so wise and just,
  He was loved by many for He was Life itself.

The other was of shadow,
Touched by the magic of night,
  So caring and tranquil,
  But feared for the darkness unknown.

The two loved each other
For They were brothers and together were whole.

And as the light grew on the lands,
So did Life and It’s shadow.
  They were equal, hand in hand, follow.

But one day, the brother of shadow went sore about the life in his brother’s eyes,
Because he would only bring Fear and Death.

And as they walked in the unknown of the forest,
He let go of his brother of day and ran.

Ashamed, yet victorious, he stood on a cursed land and tasted glory
Of being by himself, ruler of darkness.

The brother of light cried at the betrayal,
And his tears cleaned up the soil.

The slumber quietly took him,
His flesh became hard,
  His blood ran slow,
  His soul flourished into thousands leaves,
  His feet deep into the soil.

Then he asked the forest
“My brother shall be the same,
  Let him regret,
  Let him repay”

And from that day the kins,
Protective for one,
  Cunning for the other,
  Gathered their children,
  Waiting for the time resent would take over,
  And the Bringer of Night
  Would let death enter the Realm of Light.